5.15. Latest changes

This section describes the latest changes to the software.

4.7.0 released on 04 Apr 2024

  • Turn legend categories on/off for a better experience on webmaps.

  • Lots of customization options for embedded webmaps: map tools and panels.

  • Ability to exclude feature layer fields from text search.

  • Configurable permissions for groups, users, SRS and CORS management.

  • Enhanced feature attachment viewer now includes panoramic images support.

  • Ctrl+click opens feature attachment in a fixed tab.

  • Ability to copy printing parameters as a URL for sharing.

  • Support for custom SVG logos in addition to PNG.

  • Add export to CSV and import from CSV for lookup tables.

  • Support for multiple replicas and long-runnning requests.

  • Update minimum required NodeJS version to 20.0.

  • Fix permission dependencies on QGIS style parent resources.

  • Copying QGIS styles from one to another.

4.6.2 released on 02 Mar 2023

  • Expanded list of allowed CORS headers.

4.6.1 released on 27 Dec 2023 and 29 Dec 2023

  • Fix styles for WFS layers.

4.6.0 released on 27 Dec 2023 and 29 Dec 2023

  • Support for lookup tables for feature layer attributes.

  • Print to TIFF format in addition to PDF, JPEG and PNG.

  • Geometry-based filtering of feature tables on webmaps.

  • Autodetection of minimum and maximum scales for webmap and WMS layers.

  • Refresh feature tables after saving layer changes on webmaps.

  • Improved handling of id and fid attributes of vector layers.

  • Improved handling of date and time inputs.

  • Passing a zoom level to webmaps via zoom attribute.

  • Support for OpenID Connect UserInfo endpoint.

  • Extraction of scale ranges from QML styles.

  • Fix NextGIS ID configuration issue.

  • Support for PostgreSQL 12.

4.5.1 released on 17 Nov 2023

  • Fix print to TIFF format in addition to PDF, JPEG and PNG.

4.5.0 released on 29 Sep 2023

  • New tileset resource for storing and serving prerendered tiles.

  • New OGC API Features service with read and write support.

  • Up to 2x speed-up of loading vector layer data.

  • Differentiate webmap intial and contstraining extents.

  • Support for Google Analytics metrics.

  • Support for basic user-defined styles.

  • Save to PDF from the webmap printing panel.

  • Check effective permissions of other users for a resource.

  • Legends for webmaps is enabled by default.

  • Lots of improvements in feature editing widgets.

  • OutputFormat declaration in WFS for better compatibility.

  • Store audit journal in PostgreSQL database instead of ElasticSearch.

  • React library upgraded to 18.

  • Ant Design library upgraded to 5.

4.4.0 released on 30 Jun 2023

  • Auto-generated and configurable legends for webmaps.

  • Reordering layers via drag-and-drop while viewing webmaps.

  • Changing layer opacity while viewing webmaps.

  • Creation of an empty vector layer without uploading a file.

  • Ability to replace existing vector layer features and fields from a file.

  • Brand-new feature table based on React.

  • Resource and feature description editors updated to CKEditor 5.

  • Improved handling of resource descriptions on webmaps.

  • Zoom to a filtered set of features on webmaps.

  • Geometry properties in the identification popup.

  • Show the cursor location and the current extent on webmaps.

  • Zoom to all layers on webmaps.

  • Support for linear and polygonal annotations.

  • Default display names for resources during creation.

  • Deletion of all features and changing geometry type for vector layers.

  • Limit by extent while exporting feature layers.

  • Ability to export a filtered set of features.

  • MapInfo formats support when creating a vector layer.

  • TMS client: parallel fetching of tiles and HTTP/2.

  • Reasonable resource tabs ordering and auto-activation.

  • Improved usability of the layers tree on webmaps.

  • Fast PNG compression for rendering.

  • Chrome 102+, Safari 15+, Edge 109+ or Firefox 102+ is required.

  • User permissions section is moved to a separate page.

  • OAuth-based automatic group assignment.

4.3.1 released on 14 Dec 2022

  • Fix resource group selection issue while cloning webmaps

4.3.0 released on 21 Nov 2022

  • Support for webmap cloning via UI.

  • Search by coordinates on web maps.

  • CSV and XLSX support when creating a vector layer.

  • Export and import feature layer attachments.

  • Vector layer export to KML and KMZ formats.

  • Fields selection while exporting feature layer.

  • Assign default groups while creating users via UI.

  • Experimental support for authorization links.

  • Use resource SRS by default while exporting raster and vector layers.

  • Support for booleans and nulls in resource metadata.

  • Support for fixed length character columns in PostGIS layers.

  • Support for materialized views and 25D geometries in PostGIS layers.

  • Ability to turn off user password and keep only OAuth authentication.

  • Check for disk free space in the healthcheck.

  • Ability to search through resources recursively in REST API.

  • OpenLayers library upgraded to 6.15.1.

4.2.0 released on 18 Jul 2022

  • “Locate me” tool on web maps.

  • Identifiable setting for web map layers.

  • Batch deletion and moving of resources.

  • Ability to download raster layers as an internal representation.

  • PostGIS connection and layer diagnostic tool.

  • Support for quad-key basemaps on web maps.

  • OAuth improvements: NextGIS ID integration, simultaneous authorization code and password grant types.

  • Improved management of spatial reference systems and catalog integration.

  • Better support for 25D geometries on web maps and PostGIS layers.

  • Improved handling of URLs in descriptions and feature layer fields.

  • Cloud-optimized GeoTIFF (COG) enabled by default.

  • In-place conversion between COG and non-COG rasters.

  • Hide empty groups and groups with no accessible layers on web maps.

  • M dimension stripping while creating vector layers in LOSSY mode.

  • Selecting features on web maps via hl_* URL parameters.

  • Ability to inject some HTML into the base template for metrics and counters.

  • Fast JSON serialization and deserialization based on orjson library.

  • Completed control panel migration to Antd and React.

4.1.0 released on 16 Feb 2022

  • Cloud-optimized GeoTIFF (COG) support for raster layers.

  • Browser compatibility test and Internet Explorer deprecation.

  • Experimental support for long-runnning requests for raster and vector layers creation using lunkwill extension.

  • Private annotations on web maps, visible only for authors.

  • Wrapping around the dateline for tile-based layers on web maps.

  • A lot of improvements for the control panel: filters, batch operations, etc.

  • Improved handling of vector layer sources with id and geom fields.

  • Reprojection into different coordinate systems in WMS and WFS services.

  • Export feature layer using field display names (aliases) instead of keynames.

  • Support for CORS domain wildcards (like https://*.csb.app).

  • WFS client and server simple filters support.

  • Improved handling of coordinates outside boundaries of coordinate systems.

  • Support for 25D geometries in PostGIS layers.

  • Ability to filter NULL values in feature REST API.

  • Unknown fields in REST API filters return an error.

  • Improved handling of external services errors and timeouts.

  • Upgraded dependencies: Pyramid 2.0, SQLAlchemy 1.4, and OpenLayers 6.10

4.0.0 released on 18 Nov 2021

  • Source layer selection while creating vector layers from multi-layer sources, such as ZIP-archives or Mapinfo TABs.

  • On-the-fly reprojection for WMS and WFS services.

  • Ability to restrict address search by a country if using Nominatim.

  • Hide inaccessible layers while displaying web maps.

  • Highlight feature when selecting from search results.

  • Display emails as active mailto: links in the webmap popup.

  • Ability to delete users and groups from the control panel.

  • Ability to change resource owner in UI and REST API.

  • Automatic generation of keynames for WMS and WFS services.

  • Improved support for Unicode field names for WFS services.

  • Granular control setting for resource export availability.

  • ISO-8601 date and time formatting in feature layer REST API via dt_format=iso option.

  • Drop Python 2.7 support, NextGIS Web now requires Python 3.8+.

  • PostgreSQL 10+, PostGIS 2.5+ and GDAL 3.0+ are required now.

  • Synchronization of translations with POEditor.

  • Yandex Maps-based address search on the webmap.

3.9.0 released on 11 Aug 2021

  • Simple tool for previewing resources on the map.

  • Resource quick search tool in the page header.

  • Disable/enable address search via settings in the control panel.

  • Ability to constraint address search area by web map initial extent.

  • Zoom to a better extent from address search and bookmark panel.

  • Language autodetection, per-user language setting, and support for the external translation files.

  • Automatic downsampling of a social preview image to 1600x630 pixels.

  • Better support for KML: LIBKML GDAL driver is used when available.

  • Filtering features by ID in feature REST API.

  • Layers with an “id” field can be loaded if the field has an integer type.

  • Information about available distribution versions in the control panel.

  • Experimental storage accounting and estimation subsystem.

3.8.0 released on 12 May 2021

  • Ability to constraint a web map to the default extent.

  • More length and area units in web map settings.

  • Automatic correction of errors during the creation of a vector layer.

  • Support for creation of vector layers from GML and KML files.

  • User login is case insensitive when logging in.

  • Configuration option for disabling social networks sharing buttons.

  • Performance improvements in geometry handling and rendering, especially when converting between WKT and WKB formats.

  • Performance improvements in tile cache component.

  • Improved word wrapping in web map identification popup.

  • Minimum and maximum scale restrictions in WMS server.

  • Experimental integration of modern JavaScript and Webpack.

  • Quota for the maximum number of enabled users.

  • OpenLayers library upgraded to 6.5.0.

  • OAuth server logout support via logout redirect endpoint.


  • Add database migrations framework and automatic migrations applying.

  • External access links for styles, web maps (TMS), and feature layers (MVT).

  • Experimental WFS client and raster mosaic, which is disabled by default.

  • Add support of 1.1.0 version in WFS server implementation.

  • Improved handling of NODATA values in raster layer and raster style.

  • Compression level of PNG images is set to 3, which is much faster.

  • Performance improvements and better concurrency for tile cache.

  • New “CSV for Microsoft Excel” export format for better Excel compatibility.

  • Fix infinite wait of database lock, including during vector layer deletion.

  • Improved handling of invalid JSON bodies in RESP API, now the correct error message is returned.

  • Vector layer export to MapInfo MIF/MID format.

  • Vector layer export to Panorama SXF format.


  • Major improvements and bug fixes in WFS protocol implementation.

  • Permission model changes: now any action on resource requires read permission from scope resource on the resource and its parent.

  • PostGIS layer extent calculation and improved extent calculation in vector layer.

  • Vector layer export to GeoPackage format.

  • Faster processing of empty tiles and images.

  • Tile cache and webmap annotations are enabled by default.

  • Command to delete orphaned vector layer tables.

  • HTTP API with resource permissions explanation.

  • Support for like, geom and extensions in feature layer REST API.

  • Support for GeoJSON files in ZIP-archive and faster ZIP-archive unpacking.

  • Clickable resource links in webmap, WMS and WFS services.

  • Ability to disable SSL certificate check for TMS connection.

  • Lookup table component is part of nextgisweb core package nextgisweb.

  • Fix TMS layer tile composition in case of extent outside the bounds.

  • Fix GDAL > 3 compability issues, including axis orientation.

  • SVG marker library resource available to renderers.


  • Raster layer export to GeoTIFF, ERDAS IMAGINE and Panorama RMF formats.

  • Customizable link preview for resources.

  • Improved resource picker: inappropriate resources are disabled now.

  • New implementation of WFS server which fixes many bugs.

  • Quad-key support in TMS connection and layer.

  • Support for geom_format and srs in feature layer REST API (POST / PUT requests).

  • Session-based OAuth authentication with token refresh support.

  • Delete users and groups via REST API.

  • Track timestamps of user’s last activity.

  • Customization of web map identify popup via control panel.

  • Speedup cleanup of file storage maintenance and cleanup.

  • Fix bulk feature deletion API when passing an empty list.

  • Fix bug in CORS implementation for requests returning errors.

  • Fix coordinates display format in web map identification popup.

  • Fix tile distortion issue for raster styles


  • Fix WMS layer creation.


  • Fix layout scroll bug in vector layer fields editing.


  • New tus-based file uploader. Check for size limits before starting an upload.

  • Server-side TMS-client. New resource types: TMS connection and TMS layer.

  • Create, delete and reorder fields for existing vector layer.

  • Improved Sentry integration.

  • WMS service layer ordering.

  • Stay on the same page after login.

  • Error messages improvements on trying to: render non-existing layer, access non-existing attachment or write a geometry to a layer with a different geometry type.

2020-06-30 release

  • General. Add/remove fields of attributes table.

  • General. Reorder fields of attributes table.

2020-06-24 release

  • General. Support raster pyramids for QGIS style for raster layers.

2020-06-05 release

  • General. New data uploader. Check for size limits before starting an upload.

  • General. Stay on the same page on login to the same page.

  • General. Human readable error on trying to access non-existing attachment.

  • General. Human readable error on trying to render non-existing layer.

  • General. Human readable error on trying to write a geometry to a layer with a different geometry type.

  • General. Improve handling rasters with huge size.

  • Extensions. Whitelabel - new extension to set corporate interface elements (logos, links, company mentions etc.).

2020-04-16 release

2020-03-03 release

  • Services. Fix declared CRS for WMS containing raster layers.

  • Services. Fix RGBA conversion to JPG on WMS requests.

2020-02-12 release

  • Storage. Support for storing Z-type geometries, PolygonZ etc.

  • For developers. API can accept and provide Z-type geometries.

2019-11-18 release

  • Storage. Support for numeric-type fields on layers added from external PostgreSQL/PostGIS

  • Search. Improve address search (uses Nominatim)

  • For developers. In addition to style IDs Web Map API now provides layer IDs.

2019-11-06 release

  • Printing. Zooming with the box now correctly fit the zoomed area with chosen paper format (A4 etc.)

2019-10-17 release

  • CRS. Import from ESRI WKT (in addition to OGC WKT)

  • CRS. Unicode in CRS names is now supported.

  • CRS. Identification doesn’t crash anymore if CRS transformation was not possible.

2019-08-12 release

  • Web Map. Search for integer values in added to the embedded feature table.

  • Web Map. Improved zooming on a point from the embedded feature table.

  • Web Map. While editing the embedded feature table is correctly updated to show newly added features.