1.3. How to create account (NextGIS ID) and Web GIS

1.3.1. How to create account (NextGIS ID)

Before you can start working with your Web GIS you need to create an account (NextGIS ID). NextGIS ID is required to access all NextGIS Services, including Web GIS service.

In order to create an account click here or press “Create Web GIS” button on the main page of nextgis.com website (see Pic. 1.1.):


Pic. 1.1. nextgis.com main page

A sign-up form will open, where you need to fill in E-mail and Password fields, agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, аnd click “Create account” button (see Pic. 1.2.):


Pic. 1.2. Sign-up form


You can also create an account by authorising with your existing social media account.

After you click the “Create account” button, your Profile page will open where you can fill in your personal information, select language of the interface and change your password. In case you made an error during sign-up, you can also change your email address in the profile. To apply changes press “Save” (see Pic. 1.3.):


Pic. 1.3. Profile page at nextgis.com

Check your email, you should receive a letter with an account confirmation link. When you receive the letter, click on the link to confirm your email address.


You will not be able to create Web GIS until you confirm your email address.

In case you don’t receive this letter in 10-15 minutes, click “Create Web GIS” button, then click “Send the email again” link in the “Please confirm your E-mail” window (see Pic. 1.4.).


Pic. 1.4. “Please confirm your E-mail” window

1.3.2. How to change NextGIS ID password

To change the password for the NextGIS ID account, go to the profile settings https://my.nextgis.com/profile and set a new password (см. Pic. 1.5.).


Pic. 1.5. Changing password NextGIS ID

1.3.3. How to create Web GIS

After you’ve successfully created your account you can start creating your Web GIS.

To create Web GIS you need to complete a Web GIS creation form by indicating domain name (URL) and selecting a data center (see Pic. 1.6.):


Pic. 1.6. Web GIS creation form

After you finish completing all required fields, press “Create Web GIS” button. A message will apear informing you that your Web GIS is being created (see Pic. 1.7.):


Pic. 1.7. Web GIS creation

When the creation process is complete, a message will appear. From this message you can open your newly created Web GIS or upgrade your Plan (see Pic. 1.8.):


Pic. 1.8. Message announcing successful Web GIS creation

You’ll receive an email with your Web GIS login and password. After your Web GIS is created, the outlook of the “Web GIS Settings” page will change: it will contain your Web GIS address and fields for changing your Web GIS password (see Pic. 1.9.):


Pic. 1.9. “Web GIS Settings” page

To open your Web GIS click the link on the “Web GIS Settings” page. Web GIS Main resource group will open (see Pic. 1.14.):


Pic. 1.10. Window of the Main resource group

1.3.4. How to sign in to your Web GIS

To start working in your Web GIS, first sign in using a “Sign in” button in the upper right corner.


Pic. 1.11. Signing in from Web GIS main page

In the opened dialog press the green button that reads “Sign in with NextGIS ID”.


Pic. 1.12. Selecting sign-in via NextGIS

You will be redirected to my.nextgis.com authorization page. Enter your username or email you used for registration and your password.


Pic. 1.13. Signing in with NextGIS

After the authorization is completed successfully you will be redirected back to the Web GIS.

1.3.6. Team management


This functionality is only available for Premium users.

According to nextgis.com plans, the Premium account holder has an opportunity to give access to Premium-functions of NextGIS QGIS, Mobile и Formbuilder to 4 more users who have a NextGIS ID.

Team management allows adding any NextGIS user by username to your team. Team management is available through your personal account at https://my.nextgis.com/teammanage in the Team section (see Pic. 1.17.).


Pic. 1.17. The Team section of the Personal Account

By default, the team includes the owner of the Premium subscription (see Pic. 1.18.). The owner can add team members by clicking the Add button and finding them by using their NextGIS ID username (see Pic. 1.19.). Team members must already be registered on my.nextgis.com. The username can be seen in the profile. Team member will have Free plan under subscription, it’s normal, he/she will also have access Premium-functionality.

If the user has forgotten his username and cannot login, he can restore access.


Pic. 1.18. Default view (owner only)


Pic. 1.19. Adding user to the team

Each added team member will appear in the list (see Pic. 1.20.). At any moment, a team member can be removed and/or replaced by another if the limit of the team is reached (see Pic. 1.21.).


Pic. 1.20. Users added to the team


Pic. 1.21. Message about exceeding the limit of members in the team

1.3.7. Allow team members to access Web GIS using NextGIS ID

Users added to the team do not automatically become users of the Web GIS. To get access to the Web GIS, the user must log in to it. By default a new Web GIS user has no permissions. Set up permissions for your team before their first login. It can be done in one of two ways:

  • The best way is to set up permissions for a user group with the option “New users” enabled. Users will be included in this group upon their first login to the Web GIS.

  • An alternative way is to set up permissions for the principal “Authenticated”.