1.4. Which data formats and protocols are supported in Web GIS

Web GIS allows to upload and store geodata from local sources in the following spatial data formats:

  • Raster - GeoTIFF (standard raster style supports files with 3 or 4 bands, RGB or RGBA, for other types you can use QGIS style);

  • Vector - ESRI Shape, GeoJSON, GeoPackage, GML, KML, CSV or XLSX formats are supported. For CSV and XLSX only points are supported, coordinates must be put in lat and lot columns.

Use NextGIS Connect if you need to upload data in other formats.

Web GIS also allows to connect geodata from the following external sources:

You can add images (including photos) to vector geodata from local and external sources. Image files should be in JPEG or PNG format. Read more here.

You can also publish uploaded or connected to your Web GIS geodata using WFS (with feature update support) and WMS protocols. Read more here.

Vector geodata from local and external sources can be exported as GeoJSON and CSV files. Read more here.