2.7. Layer settings

2.7.1. Introduction

Layers settings become available after a layer creation.

To edit a layer you need to open its layer properties page and select Update on Actions pane . Update resource page will open for editing layer properties. Also you can launch update from layers table using Actions column.

2.7.2. Layer attributes

In addition to initial parameters that were entered during layer creation there is an Attributes tab (see Pic. 2.31.)


Pic. 2.31. Attributes tab of Update resource dialog.

The tab has a table with a list of all layer attributes.

  • A checkbox in FT (feature table) column means that attribute will be visible in identify window.
  • A checkbox in LA (label attribute) means that this attribute is used to provide a name for identify operation and a name for a bookmark list.

You can set an alias for each attribute name to display it in identify window instead of an attribute name.


Pic. 2.32. Identify window.

2.7.3. Edit attribute values

NextGIS Web software allows to edit attributes for geographical features. Editing could be launched from administrator interface or from a map display.

  • Editing of attributes from administrator interface: open a vector layer, click on right menu Feature table. A feature table for the layer will open. Click a radio button at the left side of a row you want to edit and click Edit button.
  • Editing of attributes from a map display: click on a map with identify tool active and click edit button in identify window.

You can change attribute values in opened window. Description made on Description tab will be visible on a map display in indentify window.

When editing a PostGIS layer attribute changes are saved to PostGIS database and descriptions are saved to a local database. When editing a layer based on a Shapefile attribute changes are saved to a local database.

Geodata with changed attributes could be downloaded by link Download as GeoJSON or published as WFS service. Download of descriptions is currently unavailable.

2.7.4. Adding photos to geodata

NextGIS Web software support adding photos to feature records. If a feature has attached photos they will be shown with a description and attributes in identify window (see Pic. 2.33.).


Pic. 2.33. Identify window with an identify result with attached photos.

You can add photos in a map display.


By default photos could be added by any user but there is an option to limit number of users who can upload photos (see Setting permissions).

  1. Click on a feature on a map with active Identify tool.
  2. Click edit button in Identify window.
  3. In the edit tab navigate to Attachments tab (see Pic. 2.34.).

Pic. 2.34. Edit attributes tab.

  1. Upload photos. JPEG and PNG formats are supported. GIF format is not supported (see. Pic. 2.35.).

Pic. 2.35. Attachments tab of edit feature window for upload of photos.

  1. Click Save, enter Description and then one more time click Save (see Pic. 2.36.).

Pic. 2.36. Attachment tab with uploaded photos with filled descriptions.

After upload of photos you can see previews of photos on Attachments tab if identify window (see Pic. 2.33.).

After a click on a photo preview a lightbox window is open (a javascript powered window in browser). Photo size is adjusted to fit the window. Photos have descriptions and user can navigate through photos using left and right arrow keys on a keyboard (see Pic. 2.37.).


Pic. 2.37. A lightbox with uploaded photos for an identified feature.

To delete a photo select it in a table on Attachments tab of edit feature page and click Delete, and then click Save button.