1.18. How to embed a web map on your website

All web maps created on nextgis.com can be easily embedded into your website.


This functionality is available only to nextgis.com Mini and Premium users.

For this:

  • Open web map

  • Click on the “Share” tab on the left sidebar

  • Customize your desired map width and height

  • Copy the code

  • Paste this code on your site


Pic. 1.63. Options for embedding a web map on a site


Pic. 1.64. Embedded web map example

There are also additional options:

  • Link to the main map - to go from the site to the map page in Web GIS

  • Generate events - for integration and programmatic interaction with the iframe

  • Preview - to preview the embedded web map before publishing it

If you are a developer check out the code.nextgis.com library suite and the NGW API.