11.4. Basic operations

This section contains a list of the main functions available to the data collector in the NextGIS Collector mobile application. At this stage, the user has already passed auth in the application and selected a project configured by administrator for data collection.

11.4.1. Add a point

There are two ways to add a point in the application:

  1. Mark it on the map (using a basemap, raster image, etc.)

  2. Using the device’s GPS coordinates


Pic. 11.6. Add point icon


Pic. 11.7. Ways to add a point


Pic. 11.8. Adding a point by GPS

After marking a point you can also set an attributive info and, if necessary, attach photos. Confirmation of adding a point is done by clicking on the checkmark on the top panel (for a map - first, you should save the location of the point with a “Floppy disk” icon in the same panel, after which the attribute information will open).


Pic. 11.9. Attaching a photo. You can select both from the device memory and make a new one in the application


Pic. 11.10. Floppy disk icon - save the location of the point

11.4.2. Edit a point on the map

An edit operation involves changing:

  1. Point locations

  2. And its attributes / attachments

To edit a point you need:

  1. Select a point by clicking on the map. The toolbar will open on the right side of the screen. Upper - change of location, lower - change of attributive information.

  1. Change the location of the point as needed. There are 3 ways to do this:

  • Move the cursor on the map;

  • Use the panel at the bottom of the screen - automatically position the cursor either in the center of the map, or your current location.


Pic. 11.11. Center map and current location tools

  1. Edit attribute information and attachments as needed.

11.4.3. Zoom and current location

The data collector has the ability to control the current scale of the map. To do this, on the left side of the map there are items for zooming in and out (+/-). In the same block, you can set the map extent by the current location of the device.


Pic. 11.12. Zoom and current location controls

11.4.4. Tracks

NextGIS Collector allows you to record tracks. The track control icon is on the top panel.


Pic. 11.13. Tracks icon


Pic. 11.14. Starting track recording/track list

To do this, the app must be given permission to write data in the background in the device settings.


Pic. 11.15. Background geolocation request


Pic. 11.16. Allow location to be used in any (including background) mode

User-recorded tracks can be shown / hidden, changed digital palette, exported or deleted.


Pic. 11.17. Recorded track list

11.4.5. Synchronization

To force synchronization of data with Web GIS, you can use the icon on the top panel.


Pic. 11.18. Synchronization