2.55. Duplicate nextgis.com vector layer


Pic. 2.34. Initial and resulting data

The tool duplicates the structure of the nextgis.com vector layer into another directory or instance. Field names, field order, field types, aliases, and descriptions are copied. Metadata in the current version are not copied.


  • Two pairs of URLs, usernames and passwords, id of the initial layer and id of the new folder


  • There is no output, the result is the creation of a layer in nextgis.com

Features: Suitable for layers created by NextGIS FormBuilder. Used in the process of layer replication. Data is copied also, without file atachments.

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/ngw_copy_layer

Download an example of source data and calculation results: https://nextgis.ru/data/toolbox/ngw_copy_layer/ngw_copy_layer.zip