1.35. How to change the look of your Web GIS


This functionality is available only to nextgis.com Premium users for users with administrative privileges.

You can customize the look of your Web GIS, including logos, backgrounds, header and buttons colors.

1.35.2. Customize design with CSS

You can modify the look of NextGIS Web using CSS.

From the main menu (see Pic. 5.5.) open the Control Panel (see Pic. 5.6.).

In the Control Panel (see Pic. 5.7.) select Custom CSS in the Settings section. Here you can enter your own CSS rules. They will be used throughout your Web GIS on all its pages.

1.35.3. Custom CSS examples Change main Web GIS color

Affects header, symbols in the header, buttons, field contours, links highlighted on hover etc.

:root {
--primary: red
} Change main font color

Affects menu, name and parameters of displayed resource group etc.

:root {
--text-base: #ff6600
} Change additional font color

Affects paths for the displayed resource, parameters etc.

:root {
--text-secondary: rgb(40 200 40 / .8)