1.42. How to improve translation

NextGIS Web is an open solution, which can be improved by any user. The following user interface languages are currently available for NGW:

  • Bulgarian

  • Czech

  • Deutsch

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Chinese

We invite users to contribute to the quality of our translations. If you are an expert in any of the listed or other languages, you can improve the current user interface by yourself. As soon as 80% of translated content appears, we add a new language to NGW.

1.42.1. Join the project

The translation of NextGIS Web is carried out on the platform POEditor. First, you need to sign up. After authentication you can join the NextGIS Web GUI project via this link. Then select languages and click Join translation.


Pic. 1.197. NextGIS Web GUI project for user interface translation

After that, this page will display a list of projects (in our case, NextGIS Web GUI) that have a set of selected languages.

1.42.2. How to translate

To start translating click on the icon of a specific language in the project.


Pic. 1.198. Selecting a language for translation

Row order and filter are customizable. There is also a search.


Pic. 1.199. Translator UI window

Strings often contain such parameter names as ‘date_first’ and ‘date_last’ like in the image above. They don’t need to be translated.

Bulgarian translation example:

  • en. - ‘date_first’ and ‘date_last’ are mutually exclusive.

  • bg. - ‘date_first’ и ‘date_last’ са взаимноизключващи се.

Also you can see these parameters: %s, %d, %f and like these that also don’t require the translation. When the program is running, they are automatically replaced by string or numeric parameters.

Example 1:

  • en. - User count: %d.

  • bg. - Брой потребители: %d.

Example 2:

  • en. - Field ‘%s(?)’ encoding is broken.

  • bg. - Кодировката на полето ‘%s(?)’ е счупена..

Parameters are often enclosed in single quotes ‘, double quotes ” or brackets (). Such diversity does not make much sense and is explained by the lack of agreement among developers on formatting. Leave it in the translation as in the original raw.