2.67. Web GIS structure into spreadsheet

Creates XLSX spreadsheet with a Web GIS structure (a list of resources).


  • Full Web GIS address (URL), e.g. https://les.nextgis.com

  • Web GIS user login

  • Password for Web GIS user

  • Resource type – specify the type of the resource for filtering data within your Web GIS. Possible options:

all – all resources from Web GIS

resource_group – resource group (directory)

postgis_layer – PostGIS layer

wmsserver_service – WMS service

baselayers – basemap

postgis_connection – PostGIS connection

webmap – web map

wfsserver_service – WFS service

vector_layer – vector layer

raster_layer – raster layer

mapserver_style – MapServer style

qgis_vector_style – QGIS vector style

raster_style – raster style


lookup_table – lookup table

wmsclient_layer – WMS layer

wmsclient_connection – WMS connection

formbuilder_form - form

trackers_group – trackers group

tracker - tracker

collector_project – Collector project


  • XLSX spreadsheet with the list of selected resources from Web GIS.

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/web_gis_structure