2.17. Join layer and table by field

The tool combines data from a table and a layer using a given field. The tool involves the use of two different join types: one-to-one - finds the first matching element of the table and attaches its attributes; one-to-many - connects all elements of the table for which the given field matches, the geometry of the feature is duplicated for each element.


  • gis_url - address of the used Web GIS

  • resource_id - layer ID to combine from the currently used Web GIS

  • src - table name

  • layer_field - the name of the field in the Web GIS layer

  • csv_field - field name in the table

  • join_type - type of join (1 - one-to-one, 0 - one-to-many)


  • layer in ESRI Shapefile format, which is in an archive (zip)

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/join_by_field

Usage example:


Download sample results: https://nextgis.ru/data/toolbox/join_by_field/join_by_field.zip