2.19. Meter grid


Pic. 2.11. Generated grid

The tool generates a grid within the boundaries of features of a vector layer. The grid size is set in meters. Features can be anywhere in the world.


  • A multipolygon layer with one or more features. It should be GeoPackage

  • Grid step in meters

  • Mode: points (points), rect (squares)

  • Algorithm for cropping the grid along the borders: all (leave all the squares in extent), touches (leave all the squares touching features), intersection (crop the squares along the borders of the features)


Pic. 2.12. all


Pic. 2.13. touches


Pic. 2.14. intersection


Pic. 2.15. all для точек


Pic. 2.16. touches и intersection для точек


Pic. 2.17. Generated grids for several polygons in different places of the globe

  • output geodata format - GeoJSON, ESRI Shape, Mapinfo TAB


  • Geopackage

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/grid