2.23. Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) to geodata

The tool extracts vector layers from a PDF file or Adobe Illustrator (* .ai) file. An additional raster file could be used for georeference.


  • PDF file or Adobe Illustrator file (with the .ai extension) which contains vector features.

  • Raster file for georeferencing - GeoTIFF file (with the .geotiff or .tif extension) or ZIP-archive with PNG + PGW (world-file). Same files should be used as a base layer in PDF or AI file. This is an optional field, if you leave it blank, vector layers will be in a relative coordinate system.


  • ZIP-archive with a set of ESRI Shapefile files.

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/ai2geo


Pic. 2.19. Source vector data in .ai file


Pic. 2.20. Resulting layers are loaded into QGIS and displayed in front of the OSM basemap