7.3. Authorization

7.3.1. Via cloud NextGIS ID (my.nextgis.com)

To unlock additional functionality of benefits NextGIS QGIS (switch to Pro-version NextGIS QGIS), you must be on a Mini or Premium plan and login.

By default, locked tools are shown like this: blocked_tools.

To activate the Pro-version of NextGIS QGIS you need to login with NextGIS Account Toolbar button not_auth on the toolbar (see in Pic. 7.7.).


Pic. 7.7. NextGIS QGIS interface. NextGIS Account Toolbar deactivated

Authorization is done via a web browser which will redirect to https://my.nextgis.com. On this page you need to enter your NextGIS ID or register (see in Pic. 7.8.). If you have forgotten your account information, you can recover your account using the same page.


Pic. 7.8. NextGIS ID login page

After entering the login and password, you will receive a message about successful authorization in NextGIS QGIS (see in Pic. 7.9.), and access to the Pro-functions will be unlocked ublocked_tools.

NextGIS Account Toolbar button will change to auth which indicates a successfully authorized user (see in Pic. 7.10.).


Pic. 7.9. Successful authorization in NextGIS QGIS


Pic. 7.10. NextGIS QGIS interface. NextGIS Account Toolbar activated

7.3.2. Via on-premise (NGIDOP)

If you want to login via the on-premise, you must specify the appropriate Endpoint in the authorization settings (Main menu -> Settings -> Options -> NextGIS) (Pic. 7.11.)


Pic. 7.11. Adding your own authorization server