9.13. Simulation of location data

How to use a third party software as a source of location data for your device.

Install a mock location app. For example, this one.

Turn on Developer mode on your smart phone. To do so, tap the Build number 7 times (in Software information).


Pic. 9.109. Enabling developer mode

In the Developer options select mock location app installed on step 1.


Pic. 9.110. Opening developer settings


Pic. 9.111. Selecting mock location app

Open the mock location app. Create a simulation, name it.


Pic. 9.112. Creating a simulation

Select a point on the map (or use current location) and tap Play.


Pic. 9.113. Selecting point on the map


Pic. 9.114. Simulation in progress

From that moment on your smart phone will get coordinates of your current location from the app. Open NextGIS Mobile to see that it works.


Pic. 9.115. Coordinates from an external source in NextGIS Mobile