1.19. How to print a Web Map

Web GIS allows to print a Web Map or save it as a picture. To do it:

  1. Go to the Properties window of Web Map from the relevant Resource group;

  2. Select Web Map ‣ Display on the right side of Web GIS admin console;

  3. In the opened web client, which allows to view and edit geodata, press the “Print map” button (see Pic. 1.66.).


Pic. 1.66. “Print map” button

In the opened window you can select the area you would like to print and set up printing parameters:

  • Paper format

  • Margins

  • Scale

You can also include scale value and scale bar to the printed map.


Pic. 1.67. Printing parameters

After you set all parameters press Print.

You can also share the map prepared for printing with all the parameters. Click on the button_share symbol to copy the link. Upon opening this link you’ll get the same setup and print the map as needed.

To save a map as a picture press Save as and choose a format from the list: JPEG, PNG, TIFF or PDF. Then uploading will begin automatically.


Pic. 1.68. Example of a Web Map saved as a PNG image