1.13. How to use the SVG Marker Library

Web GIS provides the ability to use native SVG icons to style vector data in web maps. There is a special resource for this SVG Marker Library. ЕIts customization is related to the QGIS style.

To display your icons on web maps:

  1. Prepare SVG files

  2. Create a point vector layer in QGIS.

  3. In the layer style settings, select Single symbol, layer type SVG marker.

  4. Select the SVG file on your computer and put it in the special field below.


Pic. 1.53. Style properties in NextGIS QGIS


The file name and format must match the one that will be uploaded to the SVG Marker Library resource below.

  1. Save style file (QML).


Pic. 1.54. Save QML file in NextGIS QGIS

  1. Create Web GIS resource SVG Marker Library.

  2. On the SVG Marker Library tab, add icon files. Press Create.

  3. Create Vector layer resource, upload data.

  4. Create QGIS style inside this layer.

  5. On the QGIS style tab select the marker library you created earlier. Click on Create.

  6. Add the style on a web map.