2.3. Split into rectangles and calculate their number

Splits polygon layer into equal rectangular parts and calculates number of rectangles. Layer can consist of several polygons, number of rectangles will be calculated for each of them.


  • Shapefile - polygonal layer in ESRI Shapefile format, for which the number of rectangles will be calculated. Should be packed in ZIP-archive. Attributes should contain empty string field, where the results of calculation will be recorded.

  • Length of rectangle - longer side of rectangle, should be specified in meters.

  • Width of rectangle - shorter side of rectangle, should be specified in meters.

  • Field name - name of the string field in initial layer, where to write the number of calculated rectangles for each polygon.

  • Percentage of not filled area – please, specify percentage. Percentage is calculated out of rectangle area and will be used to form a buffer around each rectangle.


  • ZIP-archive with modified Shapefile, with a number of rectangles recorded in attribute table.

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/split_to_rect