2.4. Generate tileset from raster

Service generates raster tiles (NGM format) from input gdal-supported raster.


  • Palette file - TXT file with color scheme of each raster values located in a separate line. Order: Value Red Green Blue Opacity. For example, for a value of 23, assigning a completely opaque lilac color looks like this: 23 200 162 200 255. Opacity ranges from 0 to 255, 0 - completely transparent, 255 - completely opaque. Use an empty text file to keep the original palette (for single-band with palette) and for RGB / RGBA rasters.

  • Raster dataset - RGB, RGBA, single-band gray or single-band with palette GDAL-compatible raster

  • Tiles name - the name that will be used for the file name and for the layer in NGM

  • Zoom levels - the levels at which the tiles will be displayed. This refers to standard zoom levels, for example, as for OSM maps. Possible input values: a number indicating one level, for example, 10; a range of levels, for example, 8-14; hyphen - for auto-selection of levels


  • NGRC file with tileset


Pic. 2.1. Inputs example


Pic. 2.2. Result example - NGRC file added to NextGIS Mobile

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/raster2tiles

Download an example of source data and result here.