2.56. Convert EGRN KPT to geodata


Pic. 2.35. Initial and resulting data

The tool converts one or several Rosreestr KPT from XML format into a convenient geodata format with a GIS project.


  • Zip archive with zip archives of Rosreestr downloads (archive of archives with the name format Response-80-105152635.zip)

  • Output geodata format - GeoJSON, ESRI Shape, Mapinfo TAB


  • zip archive with the QGIS project and geodata

The archive contains directories: a geodata directory in the original coordinate system, a geodata directory in EPSG: 4326 (wgs) and a project for QGIS with data in EPSG: 4326 with the design.

A description of the layers is given at https://data.nextgis.com/en/cadastre/#region-layers

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/pkk_kpt

Download an example of initial data and calculation results: https://nextgis.ru/data/toolbox/kpt2geo/kpt2geo.zip