2.5. Create forestplots scheme for Garmin

The tool generates forest field plots in KMZ format ready to upload to Garmin devices. Areas located closer than 10 m from the plot border are discarded. A buffer zone is added around the plot at a distance of 50 m.


  • Input polygon dataset. Supported formats are zipped shapefile, Mapinfo TAB or OGR-compatible file. Must contain only one feature without rings.

  • Step between points. Distance between plots in meters. Default 55 meters.


  • KMZ file with forest field plots ready to upload to Garmin devices.

  • Separate JPG file with forest plots scheme.

Download an example of source data and result: https://nextgis.ru/data/toolbox/forestplots_field/forestplots_field.zip

Launch tool: https://toolbox.nextgis.com/operation/forestplots_field


Pic. 2.3. An example of result uploded to Garmin.