18.1.5. Development mode When to rebuild images

Although in development mode package sources are mapped from docker host some changes requires to rebuild docker images:

  • Upgrading ngwdocker

  • Changes in ngwdocker.yaml

  • Changes in setup.py

Images built with ngwdocker actively use Dockerfile caching so minor changes are built quickly. So starting an extra build should not be a problem even if nothing has changed.

$ ngwdocker && docker-compose build Multiple environments on same host

You can use multiple environments on same host. Just clone this repository into different directories.

$ git clone git@github.com:nextgis/ngwdocker.git ngwdocker_py2
$ git clone git@github.com:nextgis/ngwdocker.git ngwdocker_py3

You can share package directory between environments with bind mount ( which requires root access):

$ cd ngwdocker_py3
$ sudo mount --bind ../ngwdocker_py2/package package Usefull commands during development

Run arbitrary nextgisweb command, initialize_db for example:

$ docker-compose run --rm app nextgisweb initialize_db

or for translating:

$ docker-compose run --rm app nextgisweb-i18n --package nextgisweb extract webmap
$ docker-compose run --rm app nextgisweb-i18n --package nextgisweb update webmap
$ docker-compose run --rm app nextgisweb-i18n --package nextgisweb compile webmap

Run pytest tests:

$ docker-compose run --rm app python -m pytest package/

Start from scratch. so command will DESTROY all data, including database and data files:

$ docker-compose down --remove-orphans --volumes