7.2. Installation

NextGIS QGIS is installed with the aid of a universal installer. You can download installer for your OS using this link.


Installer not requiring Internet connection is only available for users on Mini and Premium subscription plans.

7.2.1. Installation process

The installes is a step-by-step wizard. The first page (see Pic. 7.1.) welcomes you to the installation process.


Pic. 7.1. Installation wizard initial page

On the next page (see Pic. 7.2.) select the target folder for the program. We recommend using the default path suggested by the wizard.


Pic. 7.2. Selecting target folder

On the third page (see Pic. 7.3.) you can unmark the components you don’t need.


Pic. 7.3. Selecting components

On the fourth page (see Pic. 7.4.) you need to read the License Agreements and agree to them.


Pic. 7.4. License Agreements page

On the fifth page (see Pic. 7.5.) select a name for the Start menu folder.


Pic. 7.5. Folder for the Start menu

The sixth page (see Pic. 7.6.) is the message that the installation process is ready to start.


Pic. 7.6. Installation wizard: page 6

After you press Install, the wizard will start unpacking and installing files. When this task is completed a final page will appear, announcing the successful installation of the programm.

7.2.2. System requirements Minimal PC parameters required

  • OS Windows 7 or higher, 64 bit

  • Mac OS X/OS X/macOS

  • Intel Core i3 at least 2 MHz (2 cores) or an equivalent processor

  • RAM 4 GB min

  • motherboard fit for the selected processor with integrated graphics card

  • HDD 40 GB min

  • mouse

  • keyboard

  • LCD 17” with 1024x768 resolution