2.11.4. Using additional SVG symbols

You can use SVG symbols for your QGIS styles. NextGIS QGIS has a default set of icons, but you can also use your own.

Internal set is located here: C:/NextGIS/share/ngqgis/svg

Example: http://trolleway.nextgis.com/resource/2061/display?panel=layers Using your own markers (no server solution)

If you need a marker which is not part of standard library, you can use a hyperlink for this marker while creating a style in QGIS. You can upload this style and the marker will also be functional. You’ll need to host your marker somewhere to be available via hyperlink.

Example: https://demo.nextgis.com/resource/4177/display?panel=layers SVG symbols search paths

If your QGIS style uses local SVG symbols and server renderer can’t find them - they won’t be rendered. To help renderer locate them you need to expand the search paths. To do that update configuration file config.ini and add a list of additional search paths to qgis section:


svgpaths = path1, path2, ..., pathn

If your symbols are located in subfolders and style file contains something like this:

<prop v="dir1/dir2/dir3/icon.svg" k="name"/>

your path in svgpaths should also include these subfolders, where dir1 can be found.