public final class ControlHelper Methods calculateInSampleSize

public static int calculateInSampleSize(BitmapFactory.Options options, int reqWidth, int reqHeight) dpToPx

public static int dpToPx(int dp, Resources resources) getActivity

public static AppCompatActivity getActivity(Context context) getBitmap

public static Bitmap getBitmap(InputStream is, BitmapFactory.Options options) getColor

public static int getColor(Context context, int attr) getDialogTheme

public static int getDialogTheme(Context context, int theme) getIconByVectorType

public static Drawable getIconByVectorType(Context context, int geometryType, int color, int defaultIcon, boolean syncable) getOptions

public static BitmapFactory.Options getOptions(InputStream is, int width, int height) getPercentValue

public static String getPercentValue(Context context, int stringLabel, float value) getSavedStateKey

public static String getSavedStateKey(String fieldName) getSyncTime

public static String getSyncTime(Context context, long timeStamp) getTintedDrawable

public static Drawable getTintedDrawable(Drawable inputDrawable, int tint)

Specifies a tint for inputDrawable.

  • inputDrawable – The Drawable which to apply the tint.
  • tint – Color to use for tinting returned drawable.

Wrapped drawable with android.support.v4.graphics.drawable.DrawableCompat.wrap(Drawable) hasKey

public static boolean hasKey(Bundle savedState, String fieldName) highlightText

public static void highlightText(TextView textView) isAutoComplete

public static boolean isAutoComplete(JSONObject attributes) isDarkTheme

public static boolean isDarkTheme(Context context) isEnabled

public static boolean isEnabled(List<Field> fields, String fieldName) isSaveLastValue

public static boolean isSaveLastValue(JSONObject attributes) lockScreenOrientation

public static void lockScreenOrientation(Activity activity) setClearAction

public static void setClearAction(EditText target) setEnabled

public static void setEnabled(MenuItem item, boolean state) setZoomText

public static void setZoomText(Activity activity, TextView text, int string, int zoom) showProDialog

public static void showProDialog(Context context) tintDrawable

public static Drawable tintDrawable(Drawable drawable, int color) unlockScreenOrientation

public static void unlockScreenOrientation(Activity activity)