public class TileDownloadService extends Service

The service to batch download tiles Fields ACTION_ADD_TASK

public static final String ACTION_ADD_TASK ACTION_STOP

public static final String ACTION_STOP KEY_MAXX

public static final String KEY_MAXX KEY_MAXY

public static final String KEY_MAXY KEY_MINX

public static final String KEY_MINX KEY_MINY

public static final String KEY_MINY KEY_PATH

public static final String KEY_PATH KEY_ZOOM_FROM

public static final String KEY_ZOOM_FROM KEY_ZOOM_LIST

public static final String KEY_ZOOM_LIST KEY_ZOOM_TO


protected static final int TILE_DOWNLOAD_NOTIFICATION_ID mBuilder

protected NotificationCompat.Builder mBuilder mDownloadThread

protected Thread mDownloadThread mIsDownloadError

protected volatile boolean mIsDownloadError mIsDownloadInterrupted

protected volatile boolean mIsDownloadInterrupted mNotifyManager

protected NotificationManager mNotifyManager mQueue

protected Queue<DownloadTask> mQueue Methods addDownloadTask

protected void addDownloadTask(Intent intent) addTask

protected void addTask(String layerPathName, GeoEnvelope env, int zoomFrom, int zoomTo) addTask

protected void addTask(String layerPathName, GeoEnvelope env, List<Integer> zoomList) cancelDownload

protected void cancelDownload() cancelNotification

protected void cancelNotification() clearResources

protected void clearResources() download

protected void download(DownloadTask task) downloadTile

protected boolean downloadTile(RemoteTMSLayer tmsLayer, TileItem tile) getStopIntent

protected Intent getStopIntent() getTileItems

protected List<TileItem> getTileItems(GeoEnvelope bounds, double zoom, RemoteTMSLayer tmsLayer) isDownloadError

protected boolean isDownloadError() onBind

public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) onCreate

public void onCreate() onDestroy

public void onDestroy() onStartCommand

public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId) sendProgressorsValues

protected void sendProgressorsValues(int maxValue, int value, String layerPathName)