public class LocalResourceListLoader extends AsyncTaskLoader<List<LocalResourceListItem>> Fields mCanSelectMulti

protected boolean mCanSelectMulti mCanWrite

protected boolean mCanWrite mPath

protected File mPath mResources

protected List<LocalResourceListItem> mResources mTypeMask

protected int mTypeMask Constructors LocalResourceListLoader

public LocalResourceListLoader(Context context, File path) Methods deliverResult

public void deliverResult(List<LocalResourceListItem> resources)

Called when there is new data to deliver to the client. The super class will take care of delivering it; the implementation here just adds a little more logic. getCurrentPath

public File getCurrentPath() loadInBackground

public List<LocalResourceListItem> loadInBackground()

This is where the bulk of our work is done. This function is called in a background thread and should generate a new set of data to be published by the loader. onCanceled

public void onCanceled(List<LocalResourceListItem> resources)

Handles a request to cancel a load. onReleaseResources

protected void onReleaseResources(List<LocalResourceListItem> resources)

Helper function to take care of releasing resources associated with an actively loaded data set. onReset

protected void onReset()

Handles a request to completely reset the Loader. onStartLoading

protected void onStartLoading()

Handles a request to start the Loader. onStopLoading

protected void onStopLoading()

Handles a request to stop the Loader. setCanSelectMulti

public void setCanSelectMulti(boolean canSelectMulti) setCanWrite

public void setCanWrite(boolean canWrite) setCurrentPath

public void setCurrentPath(File path) setTypeMask

public void setTypeMask(int typeMask)