public class NGWLookupTable extends Table implements INGWLayer

The NGW lookup table class Fields JSON_ACCOUNT_KEY

protected static final String JSON_ACCOUNT_KEY JSON_LT_DATA_KEY

protected static final String JSON_LT_DATA_KEY JSON_SYNC_TYPE_KEY

protected static final String JSON_SYNC_TYPE_KEY mAccountName

protected String mAccountName mCacheLogin

protected String mCacheLogin mCachePassword

protected String mCachePassword mCacheUrl

protected String mCacheUrl mData

protected Map<String, String> mData mNet

protected NetworkUtil mNet mRemoteId

protected long mRemoteId mSyncType

protected int mSyncType Constructors NGWLookupTable

public NGWLookupTable(Context context, File path) Methods fillFromNGW

public void fillFromNGW(IProgressor progressor) fillFromNGW

protected void fillFromNGW(Map<String, String> dataMap, IProgressor progressor) fromJSON

public void fromJSON(JSONObject jsonObject) getAccountName

public String getAccountName() getData

public Map<String, String> getData()

Get key value map of entries

Returns:Map getRemoteId

public long getRemoteId() getSyncType

public int getSyncType() isValid

public boolean isValid() setAccountCacheData

public void setAccountCacheData() setAccountName

public void setAccountName(String accountName) setRemoteId

public void setRemoteId(long remoteId) setSyncType

public void setSyncType(int syncType) sync

public void sync(String authority, Pair<Integer, Integer> ver, SyncResult syncResult) toJSON

public JSONObject toJSON()