public class MapEventSource extends MapContentProviderHelper Fields BUNDLE_DONE_KEY

protected static final String BUNDLE_DONE_KEY BUNDLE_ID_KEY

protected static final String BUNDLE_ID_KEY BUNDLE_TYPE_KEY

protected static final String BUNDLE_TYPE_KEY BUNDLE_X_KEY

protected static final String BUNDLE_X_KEY BUNDLE_Y_KEY

protected static final String BUNDLE_Y_KEY BUNDLE_ZOOM_KEY

protected static final String BUNDLE_ZOOM_KEY EVENT_onExtentChanged

protected static final int EVENT_onExtentChanged EVENT_onLayerAdded

protected static final int EVENT_onLayerAdded EVENT_onLayerChanged

protected static final int EVENT_onLayerChanged EVENT_onLayerDeleted

protected static final int EVENT_onLayerDeleted EVENT_onLayerDrawFinished

protected static final int EVENT_onLayerDrawFinished EVENT_onLayerDrawStarted

protected static final int EVENT_onLayerDrawStarted EVENT_onLayersReordered

protected static final int EVENT_onLayersReordered SKIP_TIMEOUT

public static final int SKIP_TIMEOUT mFreeze

protected boolean mFreeze mHandler

protected static Handler mHandler mLastMessages

protected Map<Integer, Long> mLastMessages mListeners

protected List<MapEventListener> mListeners Constructors MapEventSource

public MapEventSource(Context context, File mapPath, LayerFactory layerFactory) Methods addListener

public void addListener(MapEventListener listener)

Add new listener for map events

  • listener – A listener class implements MapEventListener adding to listeners array createHandler

protected void createHandler()

Create handler for messages freeze

public void freeze() onDrawFinished

public void onDrawFinished(int id, float percent) onExtentChanged

protected void onExtentChanged(float zoom, GeoPoint center)

Send extent change event to all listeners

  • zoom – A zoom level
  • center – A map center coordinates onLayerAdded

protected void onLayerAdded(ILayer layer)

Send layer added event to all listeners

  • layer – A new layer onLayerChanged

protected void onLayerChanged(ILayer layer)

Send layer changed event to all listeners

  • layer – A changed layer onLayerDeleted

protected void onLayerDeleted(int id)

Send layer delete event to all listeners

  • id – A deleted layer identificator onLayerDrawFinished

protected void onLayerDrawFinished(int id, float percent)

Send layers draw finished event to all listeners onLayerDrawStarted

protected void onLayerDrawStarted()

Send layers draw started event to all listeners onLayersReordered

protected void onLayersReordered()

Send layers reordered event to all listeners removeListener

public void removeListener(MapEventListener listener)

Remove listener from listeners

  • listener – A listener class implements MapEventListener removing from listeners array thaw

public void thaw()