public class MapContentProviderHelper extends MapBase Fields DATABASE_VERSION

protected static final int DATABASE_VERSION DBNAME

protected static final String DBNAME mDatabaseHelper

protected DatabaseHelper mDatabaseHelper Constructors MapContentProviderHelper

public MapContentProviderHelper(Context context, File path, LayerFactory layerFactory) Methods getDatabase

public SQLiteDatabase getDatabase(boolean readOnly) getLayersByAccount

public static void getLayersByAccount(LayerGroup layerGroup, String account, List<INGWLayer> layerList) getVectorLayerByPath

public static Layer getVectorLayerByPath(LayerGroup layerGroup, String pathName)
  • pathName – The exact name of the folder which contains a layer. Must be without slashes. onUpgrade

public void onUpgrade(SQLiteDatabase sqLiteDatabase, int oldVersion, int newVersion)