public class SimpleFeatureRenderer extends Renderer Fields GEOMETRY_PER_TASK

protected static final int GEOMETRY_PER_TASK JSON_STYLE_KEY

public static final String JSON_STYLE_KEY mDrawThreadPool

protected ThreadPoolExecutor mDrawThreadPool mStyle

protected Style mStyle Constructors SimpleFeatureRenderer

public SimpleFeatureRenderer(Layer layer) SimpleFeatureRenderer

public SimpleFeatureRenderer(Layer layer, Style style) Methods applyField

protected Style applyField(Style style, long featureId) cancelDraw

public void cancelDraw() fromJSON

public void fromJSON(JSONObject jsonObject) fromJSON

public static void fromJSON(JSONObject jsonObject, AtomicReference<Style> style) getStyle

protected Style getStyle(long featureId)

If subclass’s getStyle(long featureId) changes style params then must be so in the method body:

 try {
    Style styleClone = mStyle.clone();
    // changing styleClone params
    return styleClone;
} catch (CloneNotSupportedException e) {
    return mStyle;
    // or treat this situation instead


 Style style = new Style(); // or from subclass of Style
// changing style params
return style; getStyle

public Style getStyle() runDraw

public void runDraw(GISDisplay display) toJSON

public JSONObject toJSON()