public class SyncAdapter extends AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter Fields EXCEPTION

public static final String EXCEPTION SYNC_CANCELED

public static final String SYNC_CANCELED SYNC_CHANGES

public static final String SYNC_CHANGES SYNC_FINISH

public static final String SYNC_FINISH SYNC_START

public static final String SYNC_START mError

protected String mError Constructors SyncAdapter

public SyncAdapter(Context context, boolean autoInitialize) SyncAdapter

public SyncAdapter(Context context, boolean autoInitialize, boolean allowParallelSyncs) Methods isCanceled

public boolean isCanceled() onPerformSync

public void onPerformSync(Account account, Bundle bundle, String authority, ContentProviderClient contentProviderClient, SyncResult syncResult)

Warning! When you stop the sync service by ContentResolver.cancelSync() then onPerformSync stops after end of syncing of current NGWVectorLayer. The data structure of the current NGWVectorLayer will be saved.

Description copied from class: AbstractThreadedSyncAdapter Perform a sync for this account. SyncAdapter-specific parameters may be specified in extras, which is guaranteed to not be null. Invocations of this method are guaranteed to be serialized. setSyncPeriod

public static void setSyncPeriod(IGISApplication application, Bundle extras, long pollFrequency) sync

protected void sync(LayerGroup layerGroup, String authority, SyncResult syncResult)