public class GeoLinearRing extends GeoLineString Fields serialVersionUID

protected static final long serialVersionUID Constructors GeoLinearRing

public GeoLinearRing() GeoLinearRing

public GeoLinearRing(GeoLinearRing geoLinearRing) Methods clip

public GeoGeometry clip(GeoEnvelope envelope) clipForTiled

public void clipForTiled(GeoLinearRing newRing, GeoLineString newBorder, GeoEnvelope envelope) closeRing

public void closeRing() contains

public boolean contains(GeoEnvelope envelope) copy

public GeoGeometry copy() getCentroid

public GeoPoint getCentroid() getCentroidOfFiniteSetOfPoints

protected GeoPoint getCentroidOfFiniteSetOfPoints()
Returns:Centroid of ring

See also: Wiki: Centroid#Of_a_finite_set_of_points getCentroidPolygon

protected GeoPoint getCentroidPolygon()
Returns:Centroid of ring

See also: Wiki: Centroid#Of_a_finite_set_of_points getInstance

protected GeoLineString getInstance() getType

public int getType() intersects

public boolean intersects() intersects

public boolean intersects(GeoLinearRing ring) isClosed

public boolean isClosed() isValid

public boolean isValid() simplify

public GeoGeometry simplify(double tolerance) simplify

public GeoLinearRing simplify(double tolerance, boolean canNull) toWKT

public String toWKT(boolean full) trimPoints

protected void trimPoints(List<GeoPoint> pointsIn, List<GeoPoint> pointsOut, List<GeoPoint> borderOut, int pos, GeoEnvelope envelope)