public interface MapEventListener

The object which need map events, should implement this interface.

Author:Dmitry Baryshnikov Methods onExtentChanged

void onExtentChanged(float zoom, GeoPoint center)

Executed then map extent changed (i.e. user zoom in or out)

  • zoom – New map zoom
  • center – New map center onLayerAdded

void onLayerAdded(int id)

Executed then new layer added

  • id – The new layer identificator set in this session. May be another in next execution. onLayerChanged

void onLayerChanged(int id)

Executed then layer changed

  • id – The changed layer identificator. onLayerDeleted

void onLayerDeleted(int id)

Executed then layer deleted

  • id – The deleted layer identificator. onLayerDrawFinished

void onLayerDrawFinished(int id, float percent)

Executed then some drawing routine finished or indicate drawing process

  • id – The layer identificator
  • percent – The percent of layer drawn onLayerDrawStarted

void onLayerDrawStarted()

Executed then layer draw started onLayersReordered

void onLayersReordered()

Executed then layer are reordered