public interface INGWLayer

Each NGW layer must implement this interface.

Author:Dmitry Baryshnikov Methods getAccountName

String getAccountName()

Return the account connected with this layer

Returns:account name getRemoteId

long getRemoteId()

Return the NextGIS Web server identificator - uniq identificator set for layer on server.

Returns:The NextGIS Web server identificator getSyncType

int getSyncType()

Return the sync type (i.e. sync only attributes or the whole feature) setAccountCacheData

void setAccountCacheData()

cache account data for fast access setAccountName

void setAccountName(String account)

Set the account connected with this layer

  • account – Name setRemoteId

void setRemoteId(long remoteId)

Set NextGIS Web server identificator.

  • remoteId – The NextGIS Web server identificator setSyncType

void setSyncType(int syncType)

Set sync type.

  • syncType – The value result of OR different sync types

See also: com.nextgis.maplib.util.Constants.SYNC_ALL sync

void sync(String authority, Pair<Integer, Integer> ver, SyncResult syncResult)

Sync layer data with NextGIS Web

  • authority – the account authority
  • syncResult – object for storing results of operations