public interface ILayerView

Interface to manage layer visibility sates and etc.

Author:Dmitry Baryshnikov Methods getMaxZoom

float getMaxZoom()

Return max zoom for layer

Returns:maximum zoom getMinZoom

float getMinZoom()

Return min zoom for layer

Returns:minimum zoom value getRenderer

IRenderer getRenderer()
Returns:Renderer connected with this layer isVisible

boolean isVisible()
Returns:If layer visible or not onDrawFinished

void onDrawFinished(int id, float percent)

Executed then layer draw finished or indicating draw process

  • id – The layer identificator
  • percent – The draw progress percent setMaxZoom

void setMaxZoom(float maxZoom)

Set max zoom for layer

  • maxZoom – The max zoom value setMinZoom

void setMinZoom(float minZoom)

Set min zoom for layer

  • minZoom – The min zoom value setRenderer

void setRenderer(IRenderer renderer)

Set renderer for this layer

  • renderer – The renderer object setViewSize

void setViewSize(int w, int h)

Update the display size in pixels. Executed by map then screen resized (or rotated)

  • w – width
  • h – height setVisible

void setVisible(boolean visible)

Set if layer visible or not

  • visible – true if layer must be visible, or false